Director Marian Mihail answers questions from Supporters' Trust | 08/05/2020


For the last three weeks Charlton Director Marian Mihail answered questions from Charlton Athletic Supporters' Trust.

At the weekend CAST again collated questions from fans and below are Mihail’s answers, first published this morning on CAST’s website.

Mihail has committed to continue to answer questions from supporters. Fans who do have any questions are encouraged to direct them via

1. Exactly when will the owners pay money into Charlton?

I appreciate the uncertainty of when money will be injected into the club is very tough for fans. Unfortunately I can’t provide a date because I don’t know when this will happen. What I can say though is that Tahnoon Nimer has said he will inject funds into the club to keep it going when the club needs it. I am also aware that injecting large additional funds is not viable for Tahnoon Nimer at the moment with uncertainties around the EFL investigation, the ex-directors potential unpicking of the takeover and the presence of Mr Southall.

2. What needs to happen for the issues on the ESI Board to be resolved and when will this happen?

The two owners need to come to an agreement or one of the owners needs to step away from the club. I know it is repeating what I said last week but myself, Claudiu [Florica] and all the Charlton fans, players and staff hope that Tahnoon Nimer and Mr Southall can put their differences aside and make a good decision for this club. Unfortunately, nothing has changed since last week with regards to this. Mr Southall hasn’t stepped down and, today (May 7th), the club has received a fresh demand from Mr Southall totalling more than £2m, again he will not be paid as we either couldn’t find a contract or proof of work/order but frustratingly it highlights the situation we are in. 

3. What plans does the Club have to reimburse fans for unplayed 2019/20 games paid for in advance?

The tickets purchased for games yet to be played in the 2019/20 season can be split into two groups – matchday tickets and season tickets.

For the matchday ticket holders, requests for refunds will be processed when the club’s ticket office re-opens following the end of the current lockdown. Following the re-opening of the ticket office all matchday ticket holders will be sent an email advising them of how to claim a refund should they wish to.

For season ticket holders, we will be in touch with them once a decision is made about the conclusion of the season.

We appreciate the fans’ support and patience on this topic during these difficult times.

Marian Mihail

Mihail has committed to continue to answer questions from supporters. Fans who do have any questions are encouraged to direct them via

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