Charlton Athletic Football Company Ltd is owned by Staprix NV, which is 95% owned by Roland Duchatelet.

Duchatelet, born 14 November 1946, owns two other football clubs: Carl Zeiss Jena and Alcorcon. His son Roderick owns FC Újpest. He previously owned Standard Liege, which he sold in early 2015, and Sint-Truidense, which he sold in 2017.

He studied electronics and economics and worked as an employee until the age of 46 when he started a company with two friends which developed into several multinational corporations, of which Melexis, listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange, is the most widely known.

In 1993, he wrote a book NV België, verslag aan de aandeelhouders (Joint Stock Company Belgium, A Report To The Shareholders), published in early 1994. In his book, he pleaded for economic and political transparency. He emphasized the necessity of sustainable development in a globalized world economy. Duchâtelet founded the Vivant party/political movement which then entered in federal, regional and communal elections. In 1999, Vivant obtained 2.1% of the national votes. In the movie La vie politique des Belges (2002) by Jan Bucquoy, Duchâtelet is depicted in Vivant's 1999 election campaign.

In 2004 he published his second book De weg naar meer netto binnenlands geluk (The Road To More Net Domestic Happiness).

Duchâtelet became a member of the Belgian Senate from 2007 to 2011, where he worked to alleviate the effects of the 2008 financial system collapse.

He is a life member of BIEN, the Basic Income Earth Network. You can read more on this below.

He financially supports Wikipedia, because he believes access to knowledge is key to further development of humankind. He also supports Transparency International, because he believes that corruption is a fundamental obstacle to democracy and lasting social welfare.

Recent Events:

Roland Duchatelet, was an invited speaker at a major event of Amnesty International (Belgium chapter). The topic he covered in a panel discussing social and economic justice was basic income. He has spoken previously on that topic. For more, read the links below.

In September 2018, 50 French Rugby clubs leaders visited Stayen, the complex in which Sint Truiden football club’s stadium is located. Venlo (a football team from Holland) did the same as they are planning to build a new stadium.

The STAYEN complex built by Duchatelet, is a multifunctional stadium with a huge international conference centre, a 15,000m2 shopping centre, a 100 bedroom hotel, 6,000m2 office space, 72 apartments and parking spaces for 1,000 car. The building of the Stayen Complex has provided more than 1,000 jobs in the city of Sint Truiden.

The complex is located at walking distance from the train station with a one hour connection to Brussels airport as well as the Brussels high speed train station.  

Duchatelet was invited by the City of Hasselt, the largest City in the Province of Limburg to explain which changes can be expected in the coming decades to cities and the consequences of those expected changes on the management of cities.

In October 2018 Duchatelet was interviewed on TalkSPORT by Jim White. You can watch the interview here.

In the summer of 2019 Roland Duchatelet sold Alcorcon, the third club he is sold in recent years after the sales of Standard Liege and St Truiden.