Meet the mascots for tomorrow's game against Accrington Stanley


Here are the mascot's for this weekend's game against Accrington Stanley.

If you know a young Charlton fan that would like to be mascot then you can find out more here.

Name: Ethan Smyth

Age: 7

School: St Michaels Primary School in Sunninghill

Favourite player: Dillon Phillips

Hobbies: Football, Space and Vikings

Ethan Smyth photoa.jpg

Name: Harry McGregor

Age: 9

School: Invicta Primary School

Favourite player: Lyle Taylor

Hobbies: Being a goalkeeper in football and playing Fortnite

Harry McGregor2.jpg

Name: Owen Warner

Age: 13

School: Wilmington Academy

Favourite player: Lyle Taylor

Hobbies: Playing FIFA

Owen Warner.jpg

Name: Adam Warner

Age: 10

School: West Hill Primary Academy

Favourite player: Lyle Taylor

Hobbies: Playing football

Adam Warner.jpg

Name: Riley Brock

Age: 7

School: St Marks C of E Primary School in Bromley

Favourite player: Lyle Taylor

Hobbies: Tennis, football, swimming, playing with his dog, making big holes in the sand and his iPad

Riley Brock 3.jpeg

Name: Harry Goedhart

Age: 6

School: The Brent Primary School

Favourite players: Dillon Phillips and Lyle Taylor

Hobbies: Loves everything football. Plays for Kent Football United and Charlton pre-academy as a GK

Harry Goedhart1.jpg


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