Fan Code of Conduct 2020/21


Everyone at the clublooks forward to welcoming you back to The Valley in line with government’s guidance on the admission of supporters to football stadia.

We have produced a Fans Code of Conduct, as this is a requirement of both the Sports Ground Safety Authority, and the EFL as part of fans returning to football.

This Code of Conduct acts to principally guide and advise supporters of the protocols in place during the matchday event. The club has put in place a range of processes to ensure the safety of all supporters at our matches. However, it is vitally important that all supporters play their part in making the event safe and enjoyable and to do so we need your continued support and cooperation. Supporters are therefore kindly reminded of the requirement to adhere to this Code of Conduct at all times, and follow all safety requirements, in order to assist club staff and stewards, and to help protect you and your fellow fans.

You are kindly requested to agree to follow these guidelines:

In support of the government’s ‘track and trace’, only the season-ticket holder / ticket holder can use any ticket purchased. Each ticket must be assigned to an individual FAN ID on the club’s ticketing system. If a match ticket holder is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 ahead of the fixture for which they have purchased, it is their duty not to attend the fixture at The Valley. You should follow government guidance, which includes getting tested and self-isolating as soon as possible. 

It is the individual’s responsibility to not attend games if they aren’t allowed to under government guidelines. This includes travelling from areas that are tier 3 to areas that are tier 1 or 2.

The ticket office will not be open on a matchday until further notice. There will, however, be ticket office personnel at the turnstile area to resolve any potential ticketing issues that may arise.

Each individual within your social bubble must bring photographic identification with them to each game. Spot checks will be implemented and any fan who is not able to prove their identity under ‘track and trace’ is liable to further repercussions under government guidelines.

Arrive in good time to go through all the necessary slower time, safer entry procedures. When arriving at the turnstile entry point, please ensure you keep socially distant, one metre apart (unless queuing within your social bubble). Be aware that your temperature will be taken before entry.

It is essential that you follow these guidelines to keep both yourself and others safe.

You will need to present your ticket to a steward before entry, and you will have your temperature checked.

Please note that West Stand ticket holders will be only be able to access the stadium via the entrance in Valley Grove. They will also exit the stadium in the same way. Please make sure you take these details into account when determining your travel arrangements to and from the stadium.

You will be required to wear a face mask to enter the ground, and you will be required to keep it on at all times whilst within the Stadium. Please therefore ensure that you have a mask with you when arriving at the stadium. If you turn up to the game without your mask, then the club will have some spare masks available to purchase.

It should be noted that both dug-out areas will be extended into the west stand lower, and some personnel within this area (red zone) will not be required to wear masks. Supporters are asked not to interact with these players and officials. There will also be limited availability of wheelchair spaces at the front of the west stand. Supporters should contact the DLO for further information on this.

Once through the turnstiles you should proceed immediately to your allocated seat.

Please pay close attention to signage, floor markings and instructions issued by stewards or via the club’s PA system, this will assist you to get to your seat.

The concourse must not be used as a meeting place or for a social gathering. You must only use the concourse area as a means of accessing your seat, when using the toilets or when leaving the stadium. Make sure in advance that you know where your entry point is and make sure you adhere to your allocated entry time. This can be found on your email confirmation and matchday ticket. Failure to abide by your entry time may result in a delay accessing your seats. You can see the procedures in the video you have received from the club, which covers each stand individually.

Supporters should not bring bags with them unless absolutely necessary (eg. medical reasons). If you do need to bring a bag with you, it should be a clear see-through plastic bag, as this will assist the speed of entry into the stadium. If you do have a bag with you, you may be asked to queue at an alternative turnstile.

Initially, all kiosks inside the stadium will be closed. There will however, be some club mobile catering outlets available immediately outside of the stadium, however you should check with the club that these will be open prior to the day of the game.

Whilst in your seat, except for when eating or drinking, please keep your mask on. You should not remove your mask for any other reasons. Please dispose of any rubbish in the appropriate place.

At all times and in all parts of the ground, please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others not in your social bubble.

If you need to access any of the ground’s amenities, such as toilets, a queuing system will be in operation at each of them. Please observe social distancing whilst waiting within the queue.

When using the toilet facilities, please follow all guidance, be patient and considerate towards other users, and follow the stewards’ instructions. Where possible, try to avoid peak times (such as half-time and the end of the game).

Remain in your seated area and stay seated at all times. Persistent standing will not be allowed. Fans must not migrate to alternative seats, but must sit in the seat that they have been issued.

We all hope you will be celebrating several Charlton goals but please remember to maintain safe distances to other supporters not in your social bubble, and be respectful and mindful to those around you whose individual circumstances may differ from your own.

If you do need to leave your viewing position, wait for a time when the gangway is clear and always follow the signs or directions of the steward indicating which way to go. When moving past other spectators (brush past), to and from your seat, please avoid face-to-face contact. You should pass each other back-to-back.

If you are in a concourse or a queue, please stay within your social bubble and remain aware of the movements of others at all times.

Please maintain good hand hygiene at all times – wash your hands after using the toilets and use the additional sanitiser dispensers provided throughout the stadium and avoid touching your face, handles, railings etc… whenever possible.

Always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze and look to cough / sneeze into the crook of your elbow to avoid contaminating your hands.

Avoid hugging and any close contact with people who are not within your social bubble.

If you are attending with other members of your social bubble, please make sure they have read and understood these guidelines too.

Please look to show respect to for your fellow fans. Non-compliance, will not only look to jeopardise public health in general, impact on the demands made of the NHS but may well harm the reputation of YOUR club.

After the game there will be a phased egress of the stadium, stand by stand, block by block, and row by row. This may mean that you are held back for a short period of time. Please be patient and listen to advice from the stewards and follow their instructions when it is time for you to leave the stadium. This is in the interests of everyone’s safety.

Any breaches of this code of conduct or the ground regulations may see further action taken against individuals.

The club reserves the right to eject any supporter that fails to comply with this Code of Conduct and reminds all fans that stadium capacities may ultimately be negatively impacted as a result of any safety issues.

Non-adherence to stewards direction may also result in restricted access to future games.


There will be no tickets available to purchase on the day of the game.

Thank you for your support and full co-operation. Please stay alert, follow these guidelines and help us all enjoy the match safely.


Help – YOUR Fellow Fans, YOUR Club, and YOUR Community!

Thank you for your support and co-operation