Match Ticket Ts and Cs

Match Ticket Terms & Conditions.jpg

The terms and conditions set out in this document, and the ground regulations displayed in the stadia govern the use of the 2017/18 match ticket.

They define the relationship between the club (Charlton Athletic Football Company Ltd) and the match ticket holder (the person named on the 2017/18 match ticket) and takes precedence over all and any previous versions. Use of the match ticket(s) shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions and ground regulations 

Please click here to view our 2018/19 season ticket terms and conditions

1. The purchase of the match ticket entitles the holder entry to the stadium for the fixture detailed on the front of the ticket. 

2. Supporters aged 65 or over on August 1st 2018, who are classed as senior concessions, and supporters aged under 11 years, under 18, under 21 or student, will be entitled to a discounted ticket. Proof of age must be given in the format of a birth certificate or passport. (The club reserve the right to obtain this information at the time of purchase for a discounted ticket) All prices include VAT at the appropriate rate. 

3. For purchases in the family areas, for every junior ticket purchased, up to two adult tickets, senior concession tickets or under 21 tickets can accompany the junior ticket. 

4. Match tickets are NON transferrable. Should a match ticket holder not be available to attend a match and wish to allocate the ticket to a third party then the match ticket holder is to contact the ticket office before the fixture date. We will arrange for a replacement paper ticket to be collected. This arrangement cannot be processed on a matchday. The original match ticket holder shall be deemed responsible for the behaviour of the third party using the replacement paper ticket. 

5. Transferring a paper ticket to a supporter of a visiting team is not permitted. Any supporter who facilitates such an admission to The Valley is liable to have their match ticket cancelled without compensation. 

6. The club will allow a concessionary ticket to be upgraded up to 24 hours prior to kick-off. 

7. If a supporter wishes to transfer their match ticket for a particular match to another part of the stadium then this transaction will be charged the necessary upgrade fee and must be completed at least 24 hours prior to kick-off. 

8. Match tickets are not to be sold privately or through any third party website or seller. 

9. The club cannot guarantee that a match will take place at a particular date/time or venue. The club will make every effort to make supporters aware of any changes to first team fixtures. 

10. In the event of rescheduling, postponement or abandonment of a match, the club will have no liability in respect of match ticket holders who incur consequential loss or damage such as (but not limited to) loss of enjoyment or travel costs. 

11. Match tickets remain the property of the club and must be available for inspection at any time. As such the club reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the match ticket if the holder does not comply with its ground regulations. 

12. If a specified seat is unavailable for use due to a club decision or an intervention by the licensing authority or governing body, the club will make every reasonable effort to relocate the supporter. 

13. The club accepts no liability whatsoever if the seat to which this ticket refers is affected by adverse weather conditions or if the view therefrom is affected by pillars or other structural apparatus, and the acceptance of this ticket implies full recognition of this condition by the holder. 

14. Forgotten, lost or damaged tickets can be replaced as long as the ticket purchaser can provide valid identification that matches our database – a £3 admin fee will apply. This is a non-refundable charge. 

15. The club does not accept responsibility for stolen tickets. 

16. It is the responsibility of the match ticket holder to arrive at the stadium on time. Refunds will not be given if a match- ticket holder arrives late for a fixture. This includes but is not limited to problems with transport. 

17. Match ticket holders must sit in their designated seat. Any supporter found to be seated in a different area from the seat indicated on their ticket will be liable to have their ticket confiscated without compensation and could face ejection from the stadium without compensation. 

18. It is the responsibility of the match ticket holder to inform the club in writing of any changes of address/contact numbers or email address. 

19. Match ticket holders that wish to obtain a refund on a home match ticket must ensure that the tickets are in possession of the ticket office no later than 24 hours prior to the time of kick-off. 

20. If a fixture is placed on restricted sale and a supporter does not fulfil the criteria, the supporter will not be permitted to use another supporter’s details. 

21. Adults ticket price will increase by £3 two hours before kick-off and over 65, under 21 and student ticket price will increase by £2 two hours before kick-off.

22. Telephone bookings are subject to a £2.50 transaction fee. Online bookings are subject to a £1.50 transaction fee.