A letter from Club Secretary Chris Parkes


Please see below a letter from Club Secretary, Chris Parkes, which was sent to Charlton staff earlier today...

Dear all,

I know things are difficult at the moment. The relegation hurt us all and the current ownership limbo has left everyone confused and worried about the future of our great club.

I’m sure that, like me, you are all getting texts, emails and calls from Charlton supporters who are concerned they might not have a club to support next season.

It is because of this I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you all, as I don’t think things are as bleak as some supporters fear. 

I started supporting the club in 1958 and have been fortunate to have worked for the club for 32 years. I have experienced so many highs and lows during those years. 36 years ago we were 30 minutes away from going out of business and being expelled from the league before being saved by the Sunley Group. Some two years later we were playing in the top division. 

Apart from my family, Charlton has been my life and I can honestly say that I don’t believe we are in any danger of not kicking off the 2020/21 season, as some have suggested.

There was a virtual meeting with the EFL on Wednesday, which I attended in my role as Club Secretary. Unfortunately, I can’t go into the details of the meeting but it did help provide some clarity. Following the meeting there are further actions for the club to update the EFL on. The dialogue with the EFL will continue and by my reckoning the new ownership will be approved.

Having sat in that meeting, I can confirm there was not one mention of the club being expelled from the league. I know some people have compared our position to the sad situation at Bury but this is a completely different set of circumstances. 

The situation is far from perfect and like all staff and supporters I just want this current state of limbo that the club is in, to come to a satisfactory end but in the meantime we have a new season to prepare for which should be our focus.

We aren’t in administration and everyone is getting paid, as Paul Elliott and his consortium continue to pay the bills to keep the club running. 

Working with the club’s senior management team, I will look to continue to keep you updated and if you do have any concerns, please raise them with your line manager. 

The club is experiencing some challenges at the moment but we are one big family and working together we can overcome the problems and get our great club moving forward and hopefully upwards.

Chris Parkes


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