U18 Matches

Charlton Athletic U18s fixture 2019/20


Saturday, August 10th: Leeds United 1 Charlton 2 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Saturday, August 17th: Charlton 7 Hull City 1 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Saturday, August 24th: Crewe Alexandra 1 Charlton 2 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Saturday, August 31st: Charlton 1 Barnsley 1 [REPORT] [HIGHLGHTS]


Saturday, September 7th: Sheffield Wednesday 1 Charlton 1 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Saturday, September 14th: Charlton 1 Nottingham Forest 0 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Saturday, September 28th: Charlton 1 Millwall 1 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]


Saturday, October 5th: Cardiff City 1 Charlton 2 [REPORT]

Saturday, October 12th: QPR 1 Charlton 3 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Saturday, October 19th: Charlton 3 Ipswich Town 3 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]


Saturday, November 9th : Crystal Palace 1 Charlton 1 [REPORT]

Saturday, November 16th: Coventry City 0 Charlton 6 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Saturday, November 30th: Charlton 1 Bristol City 2 [REPORT]


Saturday, December 7th: Millwall 0 Charlton 1 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Friday, December 13th: West Ham United 3 (4) Charlton 3 (5) (FA Youth Cup 3) [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]


Saturday, January 4th: Charlton 3 QPR 2 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Saturday, January 11th: Ipswich Town 1 Charlton 0 [REPORT]

Monday, January 20th: Blackburn Rovers 1 Charlton 0 [REPORT]


Saturday, February 1st: Watford 1 Charlton 1 [REPORT]

Saturday, February 8th: Charlton 0 Crystal Palace 2

Tuesday, February 15th: Charlton v Coventry City (POSTPONED)

Saturday, February 22nd: Charlton 2 Colchester United 0 [REPORT] [HIGHLIGHTS]

Saturday, February 29th: Charlton v Cardiff City (POSTPONED)


Saturday, March 7th: Charlton 4 Watford 1

All further games were postponed and the 2019/20 U18 season cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.