Valley Gold Winners

Over £60,000 is given away to Valley Gold members every season, with draws taking place every weekday, on every home matchday, at the beginning and start of every season and at Christmas. 

Valley Gold is entirely supporter funded and enables fans to show their support for Charlton’s academy and other branches of the club. Annual membership is priced at £120 and in return members can scoop cash prizes. 

Below are the winners of Valley Gold’s weekday draw as well as the matchday draws. 

Monday, August 31st: NO DRAW - BANK HOLIDAY

Tuesday, September 1st: VG No. 4294 R Cavendish, Middlesex

Wednesday, September 2nd: VG No. 4298 T Buttigieg, London

Thursday, Septmber 3rd: VG No. 4692 D Rutherford, Kent

Friday, September 4th: VG No. 0519 J Preston, Surrey

Monday, September 7th: VG No. 4580 N Nicolaou, London

Tuesday, September 8th: VG No. 1658 E Gooch, Kent

Wednesday, September 9th: VG No. 0378 A Lopata, Hertfordshire

Thursday, September 10th: VG No. 1496 l Hibbins, Kent

Friday, September 11th: VG No. 0404 K Thomas, Kent

Monday, September 14th: VG No. 4087 M Lawrence, London

Tuesday, September 15th: VG No. 3218 C Barber, Essex

Wednesday, September 16th: VG No. 4696 C Ashmore, London

Thursday, September 17th: VG No. 3706 K Lewis, London

Friday, September 18th: VG No. 4134 C Wentzell, Lincolnshire

Monday, September 21st: VG No. 4611 J Batt, Kent

Tuesday, September 22nd: VG No. 4476 K Harris, London

Wednesday, September 23rd: VG No. 0338 P Dinan, East Sussex

Thursday, September 24th: VG No. 4795 C Risby, Kent

Friday, September 25th: VG No. 4355 M Chamberlain, Kent

Monday, September 28th: VG No. 0599 N Trondeur, Kent

Tuesday, September 29th: VG No. 0547 J Strange, Kent

Wednesday, September 30th: VG No. 1850 G Spencer, Kent

Thursday, October 1st: VG No. 2021 D Howe, London

Friday, October 2nd: VG No. 0898 G Carne, Kent

Monday, October 5th: VG No. 3620 T Taylor, Kent

Tuesday, October 6th: VG No. 2724 K Ramsey, Kent

Wednesday, October 7th: VG No. 4558 J Kent, Kent

Thursday, October 8th: VG No. 3910 T Canty, Kent

Friday, October 9th: VG No. 1679 G Cooper, London

Monday, October 12th: VG No. 4010 G Williams, Kent

Tuesday, October 13th: VG No. 4051 F Graham, London

Wednesday, October 14th: VG No. 2623 P Miller, Kent

Thursday, October 15th: VG No. 0416 D Henshaw, Kent

Friday, October 16th: VG No. 3916 East Kent Addicks, Kent

Monday, October 19th: VG No. 2766 B Eaton, Kent

Tuesday, October 20th: VG No. 3423 J Williams, London

Wednesday, October 21st: VG No. 4648 N McLaren, West Sussex

Thursday, October 22nd: VG No. 1660 I Nottage, London

Wednesday, October 23rd: VG No. 4545 A Pickstock, Kent

Monday, October 26th: VG No. 4169 J Hill, South Glamorgan

Tuesday, October 27th: NO DRAW - MATCHDAY

Wednesday, October 28th: VG No. 0387 C May, London

Thursday, October 29th: VG No. 4228 S Palmer, South Wales

2020/21 matchday winners

Doncaster Rovers - 19th September, 2020

1st £5000.00: 1564, M Joy, Kent

2nd £500.00: 3999, M Rankin, Kent

2nd £500.00: 0907, J Holmes, Kent

2nd £500.00: 3648, J Crawford, Kent

2nd £500.00: 3076, J Rattray, West Yorkshire

2nd £500.00: 2550, R Stacey, Dorset

2nd £500.00: 1707, C Goddard, Kent

2nd £500.00: 0072, M Kimberley, London

2nd £500.00: 4498, S Lindsay-Cullen, Surrey

2nd £500.00: 0870, J Stewart, Newcastle

2nd £500.00: 3369, J Woodfall, Kent

3rd £50.00: 3396, D Hollyoake, Essex

3rd £50.00: 4743, R Jemmett, Kent

3rd £50.00: 4662, J Holmes, London

3rd £50.00: 0911, M Smith, Surrey

3rd £50.00: 0263, M Hammond, Kent

3rd £50.00: 3428, J Baldock, Kent

3rd £50.00: 4780, K Sage, London

3rd £50.00: 4027, P Boorman, Kent

3rd £50.00: 3509, S Turner, Kent

3rd £50.00: 3046, C Williams, London

Sunderland - 3rd October, 2020

1st £750.00 0225 T Warran, Kent

2nd £50.00 3766 G Wilkins, London

2nd £50.00 3824 C Peppiat, London

2nd £50.00 0167 C Vale, Kent

2nd £50.00 1741 M Jamieson, Kent

2nd £50.00 4137 R Blumberger, Buckinghamshire

2nd £50.00 4655 A Lomas, Kent

2nd £50.00 3049 N McNally, Kent

2nd £50.00 4219 L Mattin, Kent

2nd £50.00 3786 W Brain, Kent

2nd £50.00 3759 W Cole, London

Wigan Athletic - 17th October, 2020

1st £750.00 4502 J Biffin, Kent

2nd £50.00 3704 E Logan, Kent

2nd £50.00 1484 H Wates, London

2nd £50.00 3586 B Whatley, Kent

2nd £50.00 3436 R Trask Kent

2nd £50.00 4124 A Crawford, Dorset

2nd £50.00 2614 M Calnan, London

2nd £50.00 4385 M Gabriel, Kent

2nd £50.00 4021 D Wright, Croydon

2nd £50.00 1067 P Goulette, Kent

2nd £50.00 2415 M Jepp, Kent

Oxford United - 27th October, 2020

1st £750.00 0306 J Zinzan, Buckinghamshire

2nd £50.00 3543 S Ormston, Gloucestershire

2nd £50.00 4132 T Hopkins, London

2nd £50.00 0781 P Turner, London

2nd £50.00 3678 M White, East Sussex

2nd £50.00 4692 D Rutherford, Kent

2nd £50.00 4763 N Mitchell, London

2nd £50.00 2466 N Wood, Kent

2nd £50.00 1814 T McGinty, West Sussex

2nd £50.00 4265 S Tracey, Kent

2nd £50.00 0809 S Cole, Kent