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REACTION | José Riga speaks following MK Dons draw

Posted: Tue 08 Mar 2016
Author: Olly Groome
Image by: PA Photos

Read José Riga's full reaction following Charlton's Championship clash with MK Dons at The Valley on Tuesday evening

Olly Groome reports from The Valley

Charlton Head Coach José Riga spoke to the press following Tuesday evening's goalless draw with MK Dons at The Valley. 

Read his thoughts below... 

Question: Jose, what’s your take on that? 

Jose Riga: “We knew what we had to do, so I’m not happy with one point, we were looking for more. 

“We have to be realistic, we have one point and we saw a game against two teams trying to get the result so it was not an open game as we have seen in the Championship, but the reality is that the importance of the game made it more complicated. 

“We were focused on the win and didn’t get it and our opponent can say the same, but they are in a better position. 

“We were hoping to get two wins in a row which would help us a lot, because that is what we need. We did not, so we have to now think about the next game.”

Question: Can you still get out of this, Rotherham have won tonight, seven points away from safety now?

JR: “Now it’s more complicated, for sure. 

“We wanted to do something today, but we were not able. The reality is that there are still many points to win or to lose, so the situation is the same one we have to face with for many weeks.

“We need to do our job until the end. Where there’s hope, there is life.”

Q: You took Callum Harriott off. What was your thinking behind that?

JR: “I think that Yaya Sanogo and Simon Makienok played very well when they have played together and I also had to think about the balance of the team which is something people don’t necessarily think about. 

“We must think about scoring goals as well as conceding goals and at that time I saw a team who did not have enough power and enough legs to keep a clean sheet.”

Q: Fans were calling for Ademola Lookman to come on. Was there any reason for not bringing him on earlier or starting?

JR: “There are many reasons not to start him. He has signed a new contract and there is a lot of attention on him and the player is not completely fit at this moment to start this kind of game.

“But I saw when he came onto the pitch, certainly I said to everybody that maybe I should have done it 10 minutes earlier. That is my responsibility. 

“I wanted to play the same team that played at Brentford and I didn’t see any reason to change other than the one with Yaya which was because he cannot compete two games in three days.

“I always take responsibility at manager.”

Q: You will have to be without Sanogo for a while, what was your take on the red card?

JR: “We don’t need this, of course. It was similar to Harry [Lennon] in the Preston game. 

“I know behind what we try to do and in the context, there is a big frustration, but that is not the way to show it. 

“We have to put our energy elsewhere and, I repeat, we don’t need this situation. 

“There’s a lot of difficulties to manage and he knows he did wrong. He apologised for that, but in reality, it’s too late. We need to be more professional and clever.