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The 2016 Valley memorial

Posted: Thu 10 Apr 2014
Author: Iain Liddle

A list of some of those with Charlton connections who have passed away since the start of 2015 and are in the club's thoughts

Olly Groome reports

Before the home game against Nottingham Forest on January 2nd, 2016, The Valley united to pay tribute to all those with Charlton connections who have passed away since the start of 2015.

Listed below are just some of those who were in our thoughts during the pre-match minute of applause on the day, and remain so.

Steve Adams
Joe Archer
Dennis Armstrong
Bradley Arthur
Roy Bagge
Peter Henry Batters
Frank Beech
Keith Bellord
Brian Bird
David Bishop
Michael Broom
David John Brown
Terrence John Bruce
John Bruce
Colin Bryant
Derek Burt
Lila Cailes
Alexander Cairns
Alan Carr
Peter Champion
Ron Chapman
James Collett
Michael Collett
Brian Collington
Andrew Corrigan
Thomas Arthur Coulter
Walter Ernest Richard Coulter
Ernie Dale
Derek Davenport
Jim Davis
Sandra Davis
Jean Doble
Peter Donohue
William (Bill) Doughty
Gladys Dutton
Frederick Edwards
Ray Fendick
Jim Fenn
Brendan Flynn
Nobby Foster
Don Freeman
Paul Garthwaite
Dennis John Francis Gauvry
Brian Godding
Paul Green
Mick Halsey
Liam Healy
John Hewie
Jack Hutley
Colin Hill
Jimmy Hill
Ken Hills
Robert Holland
Amritpal Singh Johal
Joyce Jordan
David Lancaster
Win Leggett
Jack Levy
Fred Lucas
Gemi Mercer
Ralph Milne
Bill ‘Munchie’ Munden
Kathleen Murphy
Jan Murray
Ronny Murray
Ian Neale
Den Nunn
Jeffrey O’Callaghan
William Park
Joyce Payne
David Pemberton
Barry Picton
Mick Piercey
Derek Redden
Derek Smeulders
Angela Smith
Geoff Smith
Lloyd Richard Smith
Bob Snow
Betty Stainer
Neil John Stefan
John Stevens
Ivor Frederick James Thornton
Roy ‘Tony’ Tondeur
Lester Trask
Ray Treacy
Peter Underwood
Peter Arthur Vallom
Alec Vincent
John Walls
Bill Wallace
Thelma Walduck
Roy Webb
Andy Wells
Len West
Peter Wilce (snr)
Robert ‘Eric’ Wilkin
Christopher Williams
Ian Williams
Alan Wilson
Steve Williams
Bill Young